​​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

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​Ask the Recruiter?

Job search and interviewing can be confusing and overwhelming at times.  Sometimes you just want to have the ability to ask quick question or get some advice from a professional in the HR Area. 

Having a long standing career in Talent Acquisition I have acquired a deep knowledge of what Hiring Managers look for, as I'm in constant interaction with them.  I wish I could help everyone but I can't which is why I set up this segment on my website called "Ask the Recruiter?".  Below I set up a quick and easy forum for anyone to ask me a question. 

Going on an interview and you are not sure of something, just ask me!  Have a question on your resume or on Linkedin, just ask me!  Going to a network event and want to prep for it, just ask me!  Due  to the volume of responses received unfortunately I can't get to every request.  However please keep checking the site as I will post answers to the questions I am able to respond to which could answer yours.

​Call us at (248) 895-6127/srosen.ccg@gmail.com