​​​​​​​​​​ Critical Strategies for interviewing Executives & Senior Managers

1) Overconfidence sinks plenty of candidates

2) If you don’t have a plan, companies don’t want you

3) You failed to create a reputation that speaks for itself

4) Can you connect with various ages and ranks?

5) Didn’t do your homework

6) If you can’t communicate well, you won’t manage your teams well

As you can see, being a successful job candidate is a bit more than just leaning on a long list of accomplishments. It is not surprising, because the stakes are up and the price tag is high. Leadership and many other qualities are important as we progress in our careers as well as the ability to connect with people. Yet, knowledge of interviewing and strong interviewing skills need to come before you have a chance to get to work.

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Strategies for Leadership Interviews

When competing for any type of Leadership position, ​​there are a few critical things to keep in mind when preparing your interview strategy. 

First, its not just about your successes as an Individual Contributor.  It's all about what you have done to make your teams better to accomplish their milestones. Second, Organizations want to know if you have the ability to mentor and grow the career of individuals on the team to have them contribute to the organization at a much larger capacity. Last, a company wants to know how you lead a team during a time when the "ship is in turbulent waters".

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7 C's To Finding/Hiring Great Management Talent!

Organizations can have the best ideas or products in the world but without great employees and more particular talented leadership to facilitate the process of managing the flow of operations, those ideas and products will die.  In today’s economy, hiring the best people is more critical than ever. Entrepreneurs to Large Organizations can’t afford to lose time, money and results from a bad hiring choice (a recent Forbes article by David K. Williams pegs the cost of a single bad hire at anywhere from $25-50,000). "The cost of finding, interviewing, engaging and training new employees is high", says Williams.  When trying to identify new employees there are 7 factors to consider in your evaluation process that David Williams framed "the 7 C's".

​​1. Competent

2. Capable

3. Compatible

4. Commitment

5. Character

6. Culture

7. Compensation

​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

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