Interviewing Tips that can be utilized whether an Executive OR Intern!

A Headhunter specializing in placing CEO's was interviewed about what he recommends for people interviewing for critical jobs.  The tips he shares can be used whether you are interviewing for an Executive Management position or your first job out of school.  

School Projects and Internships you have completed can very easily be used to derive examples of how to answer some of the tough questions faced in an interview.  The take away from the article is to be confident in your body of work even if its from a Scholastic Perspective, and to show how your accomplishments added value to projects you were working on.  Remember, the work life is all about working on projects with others which is very much practiced in school.

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7 Questions Millennials Should Be Asking Employers Before They Go To Work For Them

Working for a company has something in common with all relationships out there, if its not mutually beneficial to both parties involved in the relationship it will never work!!  Going to work for a company is no different, this is a professional relationship, or what I like to title it; A Professional Marriage!

Therefore before saying yes to any job offer, you as a potential future employee have the right to make sure the company fits your needs in the same capacity you are fitting theirs.  Millennials especially need to do proper vetting because if this is your first job you don't have any past experiences to draw from on what to look for.

Editor, Amanda Sol Peralta interviewed Millennials attending the NYC Uncubed Tech Recruiting Fair and found the following 7 Questions that Millennials surveyed said they ask employers on a Job Interview.  Please read on as there are some great questions!

Technology Believe it or not is Hurting Millennials in Traditional Interviews

Don't get me wrong having technology at our "finger tips 24/7" is the best!!  However it also has become a crutch that allows us to take the basic core skills for granted that we stop using and becomes out of practice for us; The Art of Verbal Communication.  

Verbal Communication is an essential function for letting employers know why and how we are a great fit for their organization worth offering a paid position to.  Because Millennials since birth have grown up with technology at their "finger tips" to do some of these basic functions for them, its caused them the problem of not properly developing some of these essential core skills.

​Kelley Holland of CNBC writes a great article on this giving incredibly thought provoking information.  Please read on!!

Inspirational Career Tips From a Millennial Mother

Keeran Gunnoo tells a fascinating story about a Millennial Mother didn't let the fact that she was Young and Inexperience hold her back from making an immediate splash into her career from the "get go"!

Its a great lesson to learn that opportunity doesn't discriminate against age, anyone no matter how old can take advantage of one if you have persistence and perseverance!  If you have great ideas promote them and act upon them.

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​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

Professional Branding is Critical to Future Business & Technology Leaders!