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CAREER COMPASS GROUP-Professional Boston Meetup Group

Career- Position and profession you want
Compass- Directions to get there
Group-Place and event to find your position and directions ( such as a 
Meetup event )

I created this group as a potential road map for professionals in the local Boston area who want guidance in landing a career or progress their career forward in Technology or Business. The goal of this
Meetup,  Career Compass Group, is to be an Information Resource for career minded individuals working in Business with emphasis in ​(Technology/Management/Sales/Marketing/HR) to learn about designing a strategic career search. The meetup events will center around using the latest job search tools out there.  We will help educate our audiences how to brand yourself as a viable candidate within the business or technology profession, as well as provide a forum for professionals to network with other individuals in a collaborative environment.  The most important function of this group is to provide a safe haven for professionals to ask questions in a confidential environment. They won't have to worry about being judged or fear for their current employer finding out that they are seeking information to possibly make a job change.  This group will provide a compilation of various job search seminars I will be teaching along with bringing in guest speakers.  The emphasis will be sharing insights from a variety of perspectives from people who have successful careers in Business & Technology.

As someone who struggled with finding their career passion for many years, I finally found it it in Talent Acquisition.  I wish I had a group like this to turn to that offered insight, information and advice into different career options when I was trying to discover my career passion. I started this group to give back and pay the favor forward to all the people who have had a piece in helping me to progress in my career!

​​​When I speak to audiences I really try to make an effort to make sure that my presentations ​won't include the attributes that I hated when I attended speaker engagements!  So what does that mean?

When you attend a CCG Speaking Engagement ​your time and attendance will be respected!  This means you will be exposed to a speaking experience that is informative around your specific agenda, along with being entertaining and interactive to constantly keep your interest engaged!  Also we want to create opportunities for valuable networking which is critically important to people in job search mode.

CCG's Mission:

Our mission is to have an audience walk away from a Career Compass Group Speaking Event feeling, Entertained, Engaged, Motivated and most important; Informed!

CCG Speaking Topics:

  • Linkedin & Creating Your Candidate Brand
  • How to Answer Manager Interview Questions
  • New to The Job Market "Boot Camp Tricks"
  • Linked is not Like Facebook When Building Professional Relationships
  • Sell as a Consultant; Don't Sell as a Sales Person
  • Setting Yourself Apart on the Interview Become a "Problem Solver"
  • ​How to Interview for Managers

​​​​​​​​​​​If you are looking to pursue a career in Business/Technology/Sales and need career consulting, this is what CCG specializes in.  We conduct specialized Training & Workshop events to very specific audiences that share like skill sets and common career interest.  Not only will you see events that I'm hosting, but also enlist the services of some of my colleagues and people from my network to come and speak in order to gain many perspectives.

Interview Strategies

  • Specific strategies for Sales People/Senior Managers/Millennials just starting out on how to Interview.
    • ​Training on what managers look for when they interview candidates for various roles.
    • Developing Manager Interviewing Skills when trying to move into Senior Management roles.
    • Design a customized interview strategy for the client based on their skill sets and the job they are going after.
    • ​Acting as a "Trusted Advisor" for Corporation Managers needing guidance on how to hire the right people for their organization.
    • Plenty of Role Playing!
    • Interview Feedback Debrief

Advanced Linkedin Training

  • Helping the client set up their Linkedin Profile from scratch.
  • Teaching the client how Linkedin works and how to use it for your job search strategy.
    • ​​Publishing Post
    • ​Creating an Effective Headline
    • ​Navigating through news articles
    • ​Creating a customized Social Media presence
  • Creating a Brand and Marketing Strategy for clients for both job search and helping them to promote their business on Linkedin.
  • ​Teaching Networking Techniques.

Consultative Sales Training for Entry-Level Sales Candidates

  • Teaching professionals looking to embark on a sales career the basic competencies of consulting based selling techniques.
  • Teaching candidates how to interview for sales roles and preparing them for the expectations of a sales career.
  • Training Hiring Managers how to interview Sales Candidates.
    • Skill Assessment Training to determine candidate viability for the organization on NOT only what they say, but how they say it.

Millennial Career Search "Boot Camp" Training

This is an all encompassing service specifically created to help Millennials dive into their 1st Career Job!

  • Career Assessment based on their Scholastic Career encompassing Internships.
  • Interviewing Techniques specific for teaching Millennials how to integrate their scholastic experiences into providing value to an employer.
  • Interviewing for your first job.
  • Work Place Etiquette Training.


Career-Specific Presentations to Educate & Motivate

Workshop Trainings

​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

Professional Branding is Critical to Future Business & Technology Leaders!