Great Sales Results Don't Necessarily Come From Great Sales People

What makes a great sales person is the wrong question?

I have been asked by many people in my career on how I have led teams to sales, marketing, and operational records, awards and  success. Here it is in a nutshell and today let's focus on sales. It has nothing to do with me, I am just a dating service provider. I take two great parties who think alike and allow them to build a relationship. My team members and our customers. Want the big secret?

Here it is, I have had great sales results because I don't look for great sales professionals...

I look for problem finders and problem solvers, I look for behaviors first, I look for people who listen before they speak, I look for people who should have worked at The National Inquirer (Inquiring minds want to know. Get it? Ok I am dating myself again). I look for people who are looking deeper and longer term than the sales results,  and value that experience is just as critical as the end result. What does that get me? The industry's best, with all the "sales" results you would expect. 

​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

Professional Branding is Critical to Future Business & Technology Leaders!

Knowing Your Customers First Before Calling On Them is a MUST!! 

What the target market is? Is there a real market? How much is the target market willing to pay? Are there competitors? and the most essential question: what needs are we satisfying?

When coaching or offering my consultancy services use "this can't miss approach"

  • Explore/ Discovery
  • Explain the logic behind the solutions I offer
  • The goal is to honestly add value to your client:
  • FEAR is a Sales Person's "Best Friend":

Please dive in to learn about these approaches........

Consultative Sales Approach

How Today's Sales Person MUST Interview

Sales has and always will be one of the most rewarding careers available!  

Like most things directly or indirectly effected by the power of technology (THE INTERNET); technology has dramatically effected the dynamics of how selling is executed in the 21st Century!  Here is the "Good News/Bad News" scenario around this.  

Linkedin/Facebook/Email/Text/etc..., finding information on your customers and locating them is easier then ever

As Sales People we have come along way since frequenting the "Yellow Pages" to find sales leads.  Now for the bad news, the B2B and B2C customers also have access to these same tools. Now more than ever we all have access to an incredible amount of information at our fingertips about products and services out there.  In fact to take it one step further, with the recent burst of e-Commerce innovations in the last 5 years we can purchase almost any product or service out there without even leaving our homes.

Technology Effects on How Sales People Interview

Because of this "technology craze" we "the consumer" have really set the bar high for who we buy from.  This means sales people have to completely change their selling style to keep up.

Demonstrate People Skills:

  • Should be able to give good examples of how they leveraged contacts and relationships to close deals.
  • Walk me through the process of how you have built your relationships.
  • Talk to me about how you have built up credibility with your external/internal customers and how that has helped you in closing a deal.

Selling Skills:
Talk to me about your selling style how you qualify leads and explain how that has made you successful in closing deals

  • Talk to me about your career highlight opportunity you won and walk me through how it unfolded.
  • What did your quota look like and where did you land in achieving those quotas.

Situational Knowledge:

  • Ask about trends in financial services
  • How this knowledge helped close a deal
  •  How do you keep up on trends affecting your customer
  • Name a situation where you have taught your customer  something to change their opinion.