​​​​​Steven Rosen

​Senior Recruiter-Career Strategist-Speaker

Professional Branding is Critical to Future Business & Technology Leaders!

Professional Branding on Social Media Will Make a Major Impact on your Job Search

With the power of Social Media Branding, this is a great way for companies to find you Tech Professionals!

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What Do Recruiters Think of your LinkedIn Profile??

​If you are a working "Tech Professional" working with a recruiter is not a bad strategy to help do a lot of the "heavy lifting" in your search.  If you do go that route than a good strategy would be getting to know what "Tech Recruiters" think when evaluating IT Talent.  Laura McMullen, a Careers Editor at U.S. News shares some great tips in her article to help candidates increase their candidate marketability. 

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As a Technology Professional do you struggle with the job search??

​​Due to the technical nature of the job that "Tech Professionals" perform, communicating that can be difficult especially in a job search situation.  That can result in Technology People finding the right job that suits their passions and personal standards.  Feel free at your leisure  to check out some tips that may be helpful in navigating a more effective Technical Job Search!